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A Cleaner Towel

Botanical, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly mean you not only get a clean, healthy towel that fights bacteria, is good for nature, and rejuvenates the skin, it’s also incredibly soft, absorbent, and hygienic. A towel you can use in so many ways while spending less time washing your towels and more time enjoying your laundry-free day.

Our towel is made from a unique combination of plant-based VEOCEL™ Specialty Viscose and charcoal. But what does that actually mean for you?

  1. Great for All Skin Types

    Especially sensitive. Thanks to key ingredient VEOCEL™ Specialty Viscose, and its natural hypoallergenic properties, our towels remove dirt, grit, and oil without causing irritation. As well as reduce highly potent irritants, like bacteria and mildew.

  2. Botanic Origin

    Derived from sustainable wood sources. VEOCEL™ Specialty Viscose fibers come from certified and controlled forests and plantations. VEOCEL™ Specialty Viscose is produced using an environmentally friendly, sustainable process to ensure our towels are certified, clean and safe.

  3. Clean Towel, Cleaner Skin

    Created from hypoallergenic and sensitive-skin-friendly materials, the biggest takeaway is that our single-use towels do not breed bacteria. Research shows that we don’t wash our towels as good as they should be. Moral of the story: If you can’t fully clean your towels, you might as well invest in a towel that you don’t need to wash at all.

  4. Rejuvenates + Hydrates Skin

    With the ability to regulate temperature and increase the flow of oxygen back into the skin, our towels help rejuvenate and hydrate to let the skin breathe and not suffocate while being used.

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